Täällä jaan kanssanne kirjoista löytämiäni kauniita, inspiroivia, syvällisiä ja hauskoja lainauksia. Julkaisen uuden aina kun löydän sellaisen.

La 21.7.2018
"I think the truth is that everyone in the entire world is confused and nobody understands much of anything at all."
-Angel, I Was Born for This, s. 80

Ke 4.7.2018
"It was burning the back of my throat, all the not saying."
-Rafe, Openly Straight, s. 224

Ma 28.5.2018
"Being a girl in this world means being afraid. That fear'll keep you safe. It'll keep you alive."
-Amanda's mother, If I Was Your Girl, s. 233

Ma 28.5.2018
"I decided that the people who had said God didn't love me, who said that I didn't have a place on Earth - they were wrong. God wanted me to live, and this was the only way I knew how to survive, so this was what God wanted."
-Amanda Hardy, If I Was Your Girl, s. 99

Ti 24.4.2018
"But it sucks when life moves along without you. Sometimes I feel left out even when life's moving along with me." -s. 17

"Permanent side-eye. It'll look great with my resting bitch face." -s. 83

"That casual singular they. It isn't even my pronoun, but it feels like a hug. Because if Caitlin's unfazed by her enby friend's pronouns, she'd probably be unfazed by me being bi." -s. 142
-Leah Burke, Leah on the Offbeat

Ke 28.3.2018
"Yleisesti ollaan montaa mieltä, mutta harvaa asiaa mietitään yleisesti loppuun."
-Doña Vorchenza, Locke Lamoran valheet, s. 333

To 15.3.2018
"But of course we can't take any credit for our talents. It's how we use them that counts."
-Mrs. Whatsit, A Wrinkle in Time, s. 80

Ti 6.2.2018
"Jesus was not the kind of dude to preach any type of hate. He was a total out-of-the-box guy and I've always loved him. But some of his followers are fucking nuts."
-Jo, Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit, s. 20

Pe 26.1.2018
"How could she be anxious when everything was so cheerful?
Very easily, at it happens. Brain chemistry doesn't care about how pretty things are."
-Truly Devious, s. 188

To 28.12.2017
"Reese had grown up in San Francisco surrounded by people of all races, but she had never thought of herself as white until she walked through Eric Chung's crowded living room. It wasn't that she though of herself as not white; she simply never thought about it. She realized that was probably the biggest sign of all that she was white."
-Inheritance, s. 150

To 21.9.2017
"You can't make anyone be an adult. Especially an adult."
-Dante, Aristotele and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, s. 252

To 17.8.2017
"There was something so beautiful about the sea; being surrounded by both everything and nothing, feeling its endless expanse and its immediate presence."
-The Story of Lizzy and Darcy, s. 83

Ma 26.6.2017
"Remember that misuse of language can lead to miscommunication, and that miscommunication leads to everything that has ever happened in the whole of the world."
-Cecil Palmer, Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel, s. 392

La 24.6.2017
"Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea."
-Sturmhond, Siege and Storm, s. 89

Ti 20.6.2017
"The world is made by the singer for the dreamer."
-Gilbert, The Critic as Artist (sivunumero tuntematon)

La 17.6.2017
"'Mostly we don't get destroyed,' John said. 'Mostly we destroy ourselves.'"
-John Peters (you know, the farmer?), Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel, s. 155

La 24.3.2017
"En usko, että kukaan ihminen voisi olla toiselle parasta, mitä tämän elämässä on tapahtunut. En usko ikuiseen rakkauteen. En usko tyhjiin lupauksiin. Uskon aitoon kohtaamiseen, välittämiseen, huumoriin, luottamukseen, erilaisuuteen, älyn ja tunteen liittoon. Meissä olisi mielestäni voinut olla mahdollisuus."
-Susanna, Minuuttivalssi, s.158

Pe 20.1.2017
"We were so little, when you took away all our sins."
-Isabel, Sinner, s. 342

Pe 20.1.2017
"Menkää rauhaan! En sano: älkää itkekö; sillä kaikki kyyneleet eivät ole pahasta."
-Gandalf, Taru sormusten herrasta, s. 892

Ma 26.12.2016
"En tiedä, mikä ero on taistelematta jättämisellä ja periksi antamisella."
-Isabel, Ikuisuus, s. 222

Ke 31.8.2016
"We are all someone's monster"
-Matthias, Six of Crows, s. 453

Ma 22.8.2016
"Hiding and denying and being afraid is no way to treat love. Love demands bravery. No matter the occasion, love expects us to rise"
-Kate, You Know Me Well, s.243

To 18.8.2016
"When you're friends with someone for such a long time, it's easy to feel like she belongs to you, like the version of the person you became friends with is the only real version."
-Kate, You Know Me Well, s. 18

Su 7.8.2016
"She knew how she sounded - stern, fussy, like an old crone making dire pronouncements from her porch. She didn't like it, but she also knew she was right. Besides, old women must know something, or they wouldn't live to gather wrinkles and yell from their front steps."
-Inej, Six of Crows, s. 20

To 21.7.2016
"Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they'll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back."
-An Abundance of Katherines, s. 108

Ke 23.2.2016
"There is nothing about a bad situation that fourteen hyper cheerleaders can't worsen."
-Jubilee, Let It Snow, s. 41

La 13.2.2016
"The ley lines, the corpse roads, the death roads, Doodwegen if you believe the Dutch, but who does-"
-Malory, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, s. 132

La 6.2.2016
"Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn't all-encompassing, that wasn't blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she'd had this kind, she didn't want the other."
- Blue Lily, Lily Blue, s. 103

Su 27.12.2015
"No one knew where the disease had come from. Well, scientists said birds, later, but they always say birds when they don't know what they're talking about."
-York St. James, The Curiosities, s. 234

Ma 19.10.2015
"'Why does everyone want to own me?' Pippa mumbles. 'Why do they all want to control my life - how I look, whom I see, what I do or don't do? Why can't they just let me alone?
'Because you're beautiful,' Ann answers, watching the fire lick at her palm. 'People always think they can own beautiful things.'"
-Pippa & Ann, A Great and Terrible Beauty, s. 312

La 17.10.2015
"You expected unfairness if you breathed-"
-Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride, s. 271

Pe 11.9.2015
"But resistance, whatever else it is, surely does not prove the truth of the idea resisted."
-Dr. Stratham Younger, The Interpretation of Murder, s. 187

Ma 24.8.2015
"Kysymys ei ole siitä, paljonko kukin pelkää vaan siitä, että toimimme, vaikka pelottaakin."
-matroona Krasimira, Korkea puoliso, s.246

Ma 17.8.2015
"Hyvä teko ei tee pahaa tekemättömäksi, eikä paha hyvää."
-Stannis Baratheon, Kuninkaiden koitos, s. 494

Ma 10.8.2015
"Kruunut tekevät kummia asioita niiden alla oleville päille."
-Tyrion Lannister, Kuninkaiden koitos, s. 54

Ma 3.8.2015.
"Jos ylhäisö näytti huolestuneelta, kansalla oli täysi syy olla kauhuissaan."
-Jäämaan huuto, s. 180

Ma 20.7.2015
"Tietenkin me voimme ensin piipahtaa pienellä retkellä Maapallo II:n pinnalla. --"
"Ei kiitos", Arthur sanoi. "Ei se tuntuisi kuitenkaan samalta."
"Ei", vanhus myönsi. "Ei tuntuisi."
-Slartibartfast & Arthur, Linnunradan käsikirja liftareille, s. 128

Ma 13.7.2015
"Voinko koskaan sanoa: 'tänään kirjoittaa', niin kuin 'tänään sataa', 'tänään tuulee'? -- Entä verbillä lukea? Voinko sanoa 'tänään lukee' niin kuin sanotaan 'tänään sataaa'?"
-Silas Flannery, Jos talviyönä matkamies, s. 186

Ma 6.7.2015
"Lukeminen on menemistä jotain kohti joka on tulossa ja josta kukaan ei vielä tiedä mitä se tulee olemaan..."
-Ludmilla, Jos talviyönä matkamies, s. 77

Ma 29.6.2015
"[Miehet] pitäkööt sotaa ja Jumalan etsintää suuren kirjallisuuden ainoina aiheina, mutta jos miesten jalansija maailmassa murenisi epäonnistuneesti valitun hatun takia, Englannin kirjallisuus muuttuisi dramaattisesti,"
-Virginia Woolf, Tunnit, s. 95

Ma 15.6.2015
"Everything changes and breaks and stops fitting - and we know that, even with our stopped clock. The world is breaking, and changing, and dancing. Always on the move. That's how it is. That's how it has to be."
-Violet Parish, Cuckoo Song, s. 409

Ma 8.6.2015
"Koskaan ei pitäisi tehdä mitään mistä ei voi rupatella päivällisen päätteeksi."
-lordi Henry Wotton, Dorian Grayn muotokuva, s. 345

Ma 1.6.2015
"Kellon tikitys takanreunuksella tuntui hänestä jakavan ajan erillisiin ahdistuksen atomeihin --"
-Dorian Grayn muotokuva, s. 278

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